The Nashua Youth Soccer League (NYSL) is a recreational, non-profit, volunteer organization that teaches basic soccer skills to children between the ages of 5 and 19 years old. It has been serving the Nashua area 40 years!

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Travel Games this Weekend

Teams are identifed by gender (boys/girls/coed) and birth year, so B2011 is the boys team on which the oldest players were born in 2011. Home fields are at Lincoln Park and Mines Falls (abbreviated "MF").

This week, as many teams are headed down to Gillette Stadium to watch the Revolution, we have a light Saturday and a busy Sunday. Here is the schedule:

9/30 6PM B2015 visiting ISC at MD1

10/1 9:30AM G2012/13 visiting Seacoast Express in Concord

10/1 11:30 B2013 Yellow hosting Bow at Lincoln Park

10/2 10:20AM B2015 visiting Londonderry

10/2 10:25 G2011 visiting Hampshire United (A win would guarantee a playoff spot for our girls)

10/2 10:30 B2009 visiting Conval

10/2 11AM B2011/12 visiting Conway

10/2 11:30 B2014 Green hosting Merrimack at Lincoln

10/2 11:45 G2008 visiting Hollis (Hollis is the last undefeated team in the division)

10/2 11:45 B2012 visiting Raymond (A battle between the only two undefeated teams in the division)

10/2 12:30 G2014 hosting Seacoast United at Lincoln

10/2 12:30 G2009/10 hosting Goffstown at MF4 (Another battle between the only two undefeated teams in the division)

10/2 1:30 B2013 Green hosting Pelham at Lincoln

10/2 1:50 B2009/10 hosting Londonderry at MF4

10/2 2:30 G2013 hosting Bow at Lincoln

10/2 3:15 G2012/13 hosting Candia at MF3 (playoff implications)

10/2 4:00 B2011 Green at Hudson


For those interested, you can watch these VEO home games from last weekend: G2011, B2012, B2011, and G2008. If you just want to see the highlights, you can watch those on our YouTube page.


It has been great to see all the players out on the field starting to figure things out and apply what they learned in practice. The passing at the B2012 and G2011 teams have been doing a great job of controlling play in their games. The B2011 is still figuring out their defensive responsibilities, but has some terrific playmakers. And our G2009/10 team has already qualified for the playoffs.